the heritage

Web Series created, produced and directed by Felipe Viana.

Episode 01 – ‘Privilege’

The Heritage focus on the lives of Maria and Luciana, the two granddaughters of José Reis, who have inherited the family’s empire and, with it, a perilous enmesh of corruption, manipulation and mystery. Naive and absolutely unprepared to cope with this brand new situation, they are both clueless about the crimes that their grandfather perpetrated so that they could have the privileged kind of life. But, are they going to make the same mistakes of their parents to perpetuate the domain of their family?

Mel Lisboa / Mariana Hein / Aldine Müller / Rodrigo dos Santos / Thogun Teixeira / Shirley Cruz / Marcus Dioli.

1st Assist. Director- Rafael Amorim

The Heritage
Web Series
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